Top 5 Models Who Established Themselves as Actors in Hollywood

Hollywood is filled with people who are both talented and attractive. There are many actors and actresses who were models earlier in their career and then shifted the gear to become actors. They were quite established and successful walking on the ramps or posing for commercials of major brands.

Let us see some of these models who successfully shifted their gears from models to actors.

Mark Wahlberg:

At the age of 21, this young and dashing man modelled for Calvin Klein and that too along with the supermodel Kate Moss. Today besides being known as a model he is a successful actor who was nominated for Oscar and is known for his hit films like Boardwalk Empire, The fighter and Entourage.


James Marsden:

Before making a mark in Hollywood, James modelled for Versace. Once in Hollywood he starred in “X-Men, Superman Returns, Hairspray” etc. and is quite successful in its Hollywood innings.


Channing Tatum:

A small town boy Channing Tatum has modelled for many including Emporio Armani, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, Nautica, Gap to name a few. He was also popular in Mountain dew and Pepsi commercials. Once he tried his luck in Hollywood, he got his breakthrough role in a dance film ‘Step Up’ though he made his debut earlier with the film ‘Coach Carter.’

Cast member Channing Tatum arrives for the premiere of "22 Jump Street" in New York

Josh Duhamel:

The entertainment industry happened by chance to this dashing actor. Initially started with modelling and eventually moving to acting, he is currently working on many projects.


Ian Somerhalder:

A small town boy from Covington, Louisiana , he took to modelling at a very young age of 10. Later he studied acting and was spotted by a talent manager when he was a part of a crowd of 400 people working in a scene in Black & White. This changed his fate and he was casted for ‘Changing Hearts’ directed by Martin Guigui.


Modelling is often worked as a preparation for taking up acting later. There are loads of models in both the sexes who have successfully transitioned from being models to actors in both television and film industry. This successful transition can be attributed to the fact that they already have a profile and a public image which helps them to switch easily.

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